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Equana Healthy Horse Hydration is the sports drink for your horse that supports faster recovery with the replenishment of deficiencies immediately after sweating or exercise.

More than just an electrolyte mix,
The product is not only composed of electrolytes, but also contains important amino acid and vitamins. These ingredients play an important role in the recovery and body functions of your horse.
Therefore, Equana Healthy Horse Hydration is more than just an electrolyte mix.

Who is it for?
Equana Healthy Horse Hydration is especially designed for:
Sport horses in all disciplines for optimal recovery and performance after training, competition and sweating in travelling and warm weather
Recreational horses to be fit after riding in warm weather and intense tours

Complementary feed for horses
Composition: sodium chloride, potassium chloride, magnesium chloride.
Analytical constituents: crude protein 0%, crude
fibre 0%, crude oils and fats 0%, crude ash
67%, calcium 5%, sodium 11%.
Additives (facultative): total amino acids and
vitamins 15%, being lysine, folic acid, vitamin
B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6.

How to use it
Add the content of a sachet to a bucket with 3 liters of cold water and stir until the powder has dissolved. Give the solution to your horse immediately after exercise.
Tip:In case your horse is hesitant to drink the solution in the first few days, you could add a handful of wheat bran or mash. This will help your horse to get used to the taste.

2 sachets á 40gr